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Becoming a Local Member

Earning the Local Pin is a privilege, only Selected concierge for non-members whom shows involvement on les clefs d'or Singapore. Membership by discretion of Executive Committee by Les Clefs d'or Singapore.

MISTER SYA (4).png

For a concierge to be accepted as a Local Member of Les Clefs d’Or Singapore, he or she must meet certain minimum requirements. The applicant must:​

  • Be currently employed in a hotel of good standing

  • Minimum 3 consecutive years in the hotel industry with minimum ONE year as Concierge

  • He or She must be involve in Les Clefs d'Or Singapore Events

  • Must be 21 years old and above

  • Applicant should have “Concierge” listed as their main job role in their hotel contract and also on their business card


If you meet all the requirements above mentioned, kindly fill up the Application Form and submit via email to

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